Motivation Monday: 5 Quick Get-Going Tips.


You fail only if you stop writing. ~ Ray Bradbury

5 Quick Get Going Tips

Today’s writing motivation is spurred from something that plagues me from time to time. Finding the motivation to get started on my writing day when I am just not “feeling” it.  Now, the easy thing to do is go with that feeling and take the day off. Right. Please note, I said the “easy” thing to do – not the ideal thing to do. Chances are if you skip writing every time you don’t  feel like it, you won’t get much done.

Instead take your lack of motivation as a challenge. Prove the feeling wrong.  This a great time to conquer that pesky emotion and channel  it into something powerful.

When I donโ€™t feel like writing I rely on my goals to motivate me. What works for me is to have a writing goal each day. This is the bare minimum ( A.K.A. my baby step goal)  that I must write before doing anything else. On days that I struggle with motivation, I tell myself that all I have to do is finish my baby step goal and then I can stop for the day if I want. I almost always want to keep writing after I finish. 

 What works for me may be different from what works for you. If you haven’t found what works, don’t be afraid to experiment with different routines, goals, and challenges until you find what helps you. Here  are a few suggestions to help you get your writing day started. 

1. Daily Baby Step Goal: Set a super simple daily writing goal and let it become a daily habit. For me, that goal is to write 1200 words of my work in progress.You can also set scene or chapter goals. If that feels to big, make those your weekly goals and divide them up into smaller chunks for your daily writing goal. 

2.  Writing Prompt: This one is so simple, I almost skipped it. Do a quick search for writing prompts. When you find one that sparks your interest, set the time for 10 minutes and write. No rules. No stopping. No editing. This is just for fun, so you can not  mess it up. 

3. Write for 15 minutes. No pauses, No edits, just free write and let the words flow. You can focus on your work in progress or pick a  completely different topic. If I am really stuck I will pick a theme, idea, place, or thing that is prominent in my novel. I will then write every word that comes to mind about the chosen word. Then I pick the words that stand out the most and use them to write about that word. Sometimes this simple process leads to inspiration that fuels my work in progress. 

4. Point of View writing: Another thing I rely on when I am having trouble focusing of the portion of novel I am trying to write is to write from a different characters point  of view. I will choose a  non  MC character from my work in progress and write a scene from that characters point of view. That scene will not make it into my novel but writing from another characters point of view often brews up a hot cup of inspiration and ideas that do incorporate into my novel.

5. Image inspiration: Select a photo that inspires you. Write a description of it incorporating all 5 senses. I often do this to help me with the settings in my novel. I select a location I will use in my novel. Then,  I search for photos until I find one that inspires me. I write a paragraph or two describing the sentence with as many sense rich deatails as I can. I save this writing into the setting section of my writing notebook or setting details file in my writing software.  When ever I use that setting, I refer back to my description to spur my creative juices. 

So there you have it. A few tips you can use to get your writing day started. What are you waiting for? Get started writing now.


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