Making Your Dreams Come True: Part One

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility nature would not invite us to have them.” John Updike 

To live without a dream is to live a life that doesn’t reach your full potential. I have a passion for seeing dreams come true. I am not just talking about my own dreams. I love seeing others dream big and make it happen.  That is why I am excited to share this blog series on dreams with you.

What is a dream? I am not talking about goals. Don’t get me wrong, goals are key to making your dreams a reality . Today, we are going to focus on the dream itself. The dream is what gives birth to the goals that you need to achieve it. A dream is something big. Something so big and overwhelming that you know you want it but you are not sure you could or should achieve it. A dream is built on desire and passion. Dreams are personal and should never be compared to the dreams of others. So, lets dive right in and start making your dreams come true. I encourage you to do more than read this. Grab a notebook, pen, and get started.

5 Quick Tips 


  1.  Select your dream:  I know this sounds simple and to some of you it may be. For others, you may have to dig deep into your passions and desires to pin point your dream. It is so easy to get sidetracked, derailed, and run over by life that  our dreams get lost in the daily 9-5. So take some time to think about this. Now grab that empty notebook and start making a list of dreams. Select one or two dreams to focus on and get ready to make stuff happen.
  2. Get Committed: Now that you know what your dreams are you need to commit to them. This means you are going to make them happen. You are not going to think of your dreams in terms of can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t.  Grab your dream journal and write out a commitment statement. This is a document binding you to your dream. It can be simple or detailed. Date it. Sign it. Refer to it when you feel doubt creep up.
  3. Believe it: This is where things  can get tricky. To make a dream happen you have to believe it will happen. If not, your own disbelief will get in your way every time you turn around. Trust me I know about that. Sit quietly  for 15-30 minutes and focus your thoughts on exactly what will happen when your dream comes true. Grab your dream journal and write out what your dream looks like at completion. You can also create a visual dream board in your notebook or on poster board if you would like. This step is all about making your dream tangible.
  4. No Fear: For many of us fear is the raging monster that keeps us from reaching our goals. I will focus on this more in another post but for now I want you to tackle that fear head on. Make a list of your fears regarding this dream. Next, go back and turn everyone of those fears into a positive statement. EXAMPLE  Fear: No one will want to read what I write. Positive: People are waiting to read what I write.
  5. Get ready to ACT:  This is where we start turning dreams into reality. I will cover more about this in a future post, but for now you are going to get ready to act. You are going to commit not just to the dream but to the actions that will make it happen. Now it is time to put it in writing. EXAMPLE: I commit to taking action to make my dream of___________ come true. 

Thanks for dreaming big with me today!


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