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It is the last day of March, which means Camp NaNoWriMo officially kicks off tomorrow.  Yikes! I have officially put off creating my writing plan  until  the very last day. Go me! Of course, I have been slaving away at the total rewrite of the first chapter of my novel. By slaving, I  mean spending hours combing over the same text and questioning every word in a very unproductive manner.  Enough excuses!  It’s time to unveil my camp goal and plan.

*Not sure what Camp Nanowrimo is? Click Here to find out! *

Drumroll please!

Camp Nanowrimo Plan

April 2017

Goal: Spend 30 hours editing, revising, and rewriting the first draft of my YA contemporary fantasy novel.

Weekly Break Down:

Week One: 10 Hours/5-day writing week

·       Complete read through of novel.

·       Make chapter by chapter notes regarding plot, character, and setting.

·       Edit, rewrite, & revise chapters 2,3, & 4

Week Two: 6 Hours/3-day writing week

·       Edit, rewrite, & revise chapters 5 & 6

Week Three: 6 Hours/3-day writing week

·       Edit, rewrite & revise chapters 7 & 8

Week Four: 8 Hours/4-day writing week

·       Edit, rewrite, & revise chapter 9, 10, & 11


Strategy for forward motion:

·       If I get behind or stuck on any chapter or scene I will make notes about the problem sections to address later and move on.

·       I will Only allow myself 2 editing passes for each scene.

·       This is revision of the first draft. The goal is not perfection. The goal is to repair plot holes, erase confusion, cut unneeded scenes, strengthen characters, solidify settings and improve readability.



30 Hours




There you have it. My Camp goal and writing plan.  You may notice that I have broken my hours down and divided them by weeks. Next, I figured out how many days of each day I am able spend writing. This is because April is a super busy month for me. Three weekends of the month I will be making a 14 hour (roundtrip) to Oklahoma for work. That is 42 hours of drive time in April.  Combine that with  6-12 hours workdays and the crazy sleep schedule that goes with my poker massage therapist hours and you can understand that I will not be writing daily.  Lets not forget it is also a month of celebrations that will cut into my writing time – My birthday, Easter, and my daughters birthday. Just typing all of this is enough to make me question my sanity for even taking on Camp this month. But, Hey – I never claimed to be a sane person.

Are you participating in CAMP NANOWRIMO this year? What is your project and your plan? Do you have any tips or advice for fitting in camp to an already overloaded schedule? I would love to hear about it.

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Happy Writing!



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