Making Your Dreams Come True Part 2 : 5 Quick Action Tips

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

You have a dream. Now what? It is time to take action and make that dream a reality. You must accept that it will take work, sacrifice and determination. In order to move your dream from an idea into an action you will need a plan. Here are 5 quick tips to put your dream into action.

  1. Research : Ask yourself what you need to know make it happen.  Jot down areas that you need to research and then collect information. For example: If you dream is to take a trip to Disney World  then your list might include things likes such a researching the cost of theme park, travel options, accommodations, and deciding when to make the trip.
  2. Create Your Action Plan: Now that you have gathered your research you should have a good idea of what you need to do. The best way to create an action plan is to simply ask yourself what is the next logical step and then make a list of each action.
  3. Turn Plan into Goals: Look at each action step and set a deadline for it. Congratulations you have now created some goals. Some of these will be short term goals and others will be longterm. The important thing is that you create realistic goals with achievable dates.
  4. Create Accountability: It is easy to make excuses to yourself but harder to make excuses to someone else. This is a great time to find an accountability partner. This is simply someone you share your dream, your goals, your plan and your deadlines with. Ask them to keep you accountable. If you know someone is going to ask about your progress you will stay motivated.
  5. Set Reminders:  Take those action steps, goals, and deadlines and plug them into your phone and your calendars, and planner. Anything you can create to be a physical or visual reminder will kept your plans in front of you can help you stay on track. Find what works for you. I find that writing my tasks and goals on post in notes and checking them off works great for me. For you, it might be an alert or reminder from your phone or fitness tracker.


So, there you have it! A few quick tips to help you on your journey.  What other things have helped you achieve your dreams? What big dream are you working toward now? I would love to know!


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