Writers Tool Box: Brainstormer App

Stuck in a writing rut? Need a fresh idea for a plot? You may want to consider the Brainstormer App. Read on to find out more. You can also watch the video on my vlog.

Vlog: Brainstorming App

Apps For.png

  •  This fun app is available for android or iPhone.
  • Use it if you need some plot inspiration.
  • Give the three wheels a spin to get a conflict, a setting, and a subject for your work.
  • Simple brainstorming
  •  Available for $0.99 on Android and $1.99 the iPhone.

Why I like it:

  •  Endless plot options.
  • Yes, sometimes they are silly combinations that make me laugh but other times it provides a spark that leads to a great story idea.
  • Simple to use
  • Fun layout and graphics
  • You can edit the wordlist to personalize this tool
  • You can lock  one or more sections of the wheel when you find a word (or words) you like and spin the remaining wheel(s).

Is it worth the price?

  • If you are short on cash and you don’t need any inspiration you might want to skip it.
  • If you have a dollar or two to spare this is a fun app with potential to spur great ideas.
  • You can upgrade (for a price) to the character, world, creature, and Sci-Fi creator if you decide this App works for you.
  • The ability to edit and create your  own wordlists makes this app have huge potential for the price.

My Personal Experience

This is a handy app with the potential to provide inspiration. Have I used it in my writing? No. I have had a blast playing around with it. A few examples: A crime boss finds unconditional love in a small town. How about an abduction that takes place in an underwater rollercoaster? Or a dystopian themed revolt that takes place in a shipyard? I do plan to use this app in my free-writing journal.

Have you used this App? Do you have a suggestion for an app or writers tool that you have found to be helpful or even life changing? Please leave the details in the comments.

Have A Blessed & Bookish day!




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