VLOG: Indie Spotlight – Prophecy of Three By Ashley Mcleo

Does this post look familiar? Having De-ja-vu? Never fear. It’s not you. It’s me.

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, let me assure that is not simply a repost of my prior review of this book.

Well, Not exactly.

Yes. I have already written a blog post about the Prophecy of Three.  But, that is not what I am sharing to today. What I have for you  today is the new video review. The original coordinating video review of this book was a big fat fail and I had to scrap it.

Why? I forgot to mic check. The audio was beyond terrible. I had no time to re-film and edit it.  This also happened with Heartless which will featured on Friday’s Vlog.

I refuse to let failure rule me. I re-filmed and edited new videos. Because I love you and I love talking about  books.  So get to clicking on the link below to check out my (almost) spoiler free review.

(Remember – my vlog & blog posts are rarely ever the same even if they are on the same book or topic.)

Prophecy of Three: The Starseed Trilogy by Ashley McLeo


Click the link below to buy the book. It is available in ebook or paperback. If you have kindle unlimited you might be able to read it for free.

Amazon Link For the Book 

(Just an F.Y.I. I provide links to make it easy for you to find the book & support the author.)

Have a blessed & bookish day!


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