Book Love: Fairest Of Them All – A Tale Of the Wicked Queen

Are you or someone you know a bit obsessed with fairy tale villains? If so this quick, fun read won’t fail to delight. Let’s start with the cover. I have had my eye on the beautiful book covers in this series for some time now. Simply done but eye-catching.


As you may have guessed, this is the story of the wicked queen from Snow White. It is written from her point of view, allowing you to follow her along on her journey as she transcends from a child with low self-esteem to a beloved queen and then to adoring stepmother to the wicked one.

fairest 2

The story proceeds as expected but with details and insight into her past and the origins of the magic mirror and its role in her descent into wickedness. The three strange sister’s make an appearance bringing with them wicked mischief that sets the stage for Queen’s downfall to vanity and envy.


Overall, this story was so much more than I expected and beautifully written. I read it in ebook form, which included a sneak peek into the next book in the series. The strange sisters play a role in that book linking the stories together in an interesting fashion.

villians collection

What I loved:

  • The origin of the mirror and the role it played.
  • Seeing the wicked queen as the loving protective woman she was before her slow fall into wickedness.
  • The twisted sister’s aspect of the story.
  • The ending. No spoilers in this review so that is all I can leave you with.
  • The way witchcraft is woven into the story.


Who should read this?

  • Disney obsessed lovers of fairy tales
  • Anyone who is fascinated with villains
  •  Snow White fans
  • Anyone who wants to explore the darker side of fairy tales.


What is your take on fairy tale retelling and villains? Do you adore them like more or are you over it?






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