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Every day in October I have a challenge for you. A challenge to create something each day. This is a challenge you can do.

The only way to fail is simply not to create anything at all in October and that is actually pretty hard to do.

So, yes it is a daily challenge but if you miss a few days or *gasp* weeks you still win if you have created something or gotten inspired in some way.

To make things fun, easy, and inspiring I will have 2 prompts for you each day. You can do one, both or even select something from the list of alternate prompts I will have on my website.

Watch the Vide0

In addition to the prompts, I encourage you to share your prompt based creations or just your experience trying them out. Use the #justcreatechallenge on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so I can cheer you on.

You can also choose to join in the weekly twitter chat and the Facebook group for more ways to create, share and inspire

Don’t feel you must participate in everything but you are more than welcome to.

I will also have a weekly video on my YouTube channel that will focus on different ways that creativity is important and how to explore different types of creativity.

It is going to be a creative month and I am excited to share it with you.


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