Setting & Perspective Challenge

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It is already day four of the #justcreatechallenge.  I have been having a blast creating these prompts. I confess that I have not done all of the challenges as I planned but creating the prompts has been an exercise in creativity.

Today’s prompt challenges will help you explore how different characters experience the same setting in a different way. If you have a work in progress I encourage you to use your existing characters but place them in a setting that isn’t in their story.



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The second option is to draw, paint or doodle the setting from 2 different perspectives.  Keep in mind this exercise is not about creating a pretty bit of art. This is about using a different type of creativity to explore your characters.

If you are an artist using this prompt I encourage you to practice physical perspective in your creation while exploring the different ways that different subjects might see a place.

Don’t forget I would love to see your finished creations or hear about how the prompt worked (or didn’t work for you).  You can comment below, join the facebook group, or simply #justcreatechallenge on twitter.

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