Week #1: Just Create Challenge Update

The first week of the #justcreatechallenge was a blast to create and participate in. Like any new thing, It had a few hiccups and bumps. I confess that I love to plan. I am good at planning. Does this mean I carefully planned this challenge and took time to put it together before throwing it out to the internet world?

Heck no.

Add heading (16)

At times my impulsive nature takes over and I just dive into things.  Headfirst, with a passion but only the vaguest idea of what I am doing. That is exactly how this idea and challenge came to be. I had an idea that ignited passion in me. I put it into action with a tiny bit of thought and little preplanning.

This is not always the best way to do things but it is a great way to learn as you go.  Here is what I learned the first week of the challenge.

  • I love creating prompts
  • Instagram does not love my prompts & I did not like the way they looked on my photo feed.
  • Twitter chats are fun but need more planning, promotion, and participants to be worth the time.
  • People used my prompts to create and if even one person benefits from one of the prompts then I accomplished what I started.
  • Creating the prompts daily was fun but left me little time to participate in my own challenge.

Overall, I am happy with the challenge. The changes I will be making this week are as follows:

  • On Monday I will post a week’s worth of challenge prompts on my website. I will still tweet and share each daily prompt on Facebook and Twitter.
  • For Instagram, I will share one post linking to the prompts each week and share some of my own writing and art related to those prompts.
  • Twitter Chat.  I am going to give it another go this week. I hope you will join me. This weeks topic will be Creating Characters using Prompts.

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