Ipsy Unboxing: Product Gross Out

I love my Ispy subscription. What is not to love? Makeup, cute bags, and trying new products. However, a product in this month’s bag left me a bit disturbed and grossed out.  If you want to see my full reaction Check Out The Video.

April Taylor (6)


The product in question is a facial serum containing snail secretion. That’s right. Snail. Secretion. That I put on my face.  Honestly, it didn’t smell bad but the stringy gooey texture was more than I could deal with, even if it wasn’t a snail based product.

Photo on 9-19-17 at 9.42 AM #3

I did get some great products in this months bag. I am not really complaining. Just slightly grossed out and the not so proud owner of snail secretion that I doubt I will use.

Photo on 9-19-17 at 9.42 AM


I am curious. Would you use a snail based product? Why or why not? What beauty product have you used that grossed you out?

Have a bookish, beautiful day.


Author April Taylor


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