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Book Love Review: Keeper by Kim Chance

I am beyond excited to write this book love review.  I have been following Kim Chance’s writing journey and her YouTube videos for over a year. She has been an inspiration to me in many ways. I am proud to be a part of her Street Team for Keeper which will release January of 2018.

Watch My Video Review Of Keeper By Kim Chance

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The story kicks off when a  200-year-old attacks  Lainey Styles. The logical bookworm needs a logical explanation but what she discovers is anything but logical.  Not only is Lainey a powerful witch and Keeper of a dangerous spell book that has been stolen but she is being hunted by a dangerous warlock.

What I loved:

  • The adorable friendship between Lainey and Maggie. They compliment and challenge each other. They are both a bit quirky and easy to love. So many books tend to have the teen female without female friends or if they have female friends they are keeping them in the dark about their magic or powers. It was nice to see the friendship play a healthy and fun role.
  • The past and present are seamlessly presented as Lainey discovers her heritage from the witch.
  • The blooming relationship between Ty & Lanie is swoon-worthy at times.
  • Unexpected plot twists make this book a standout and a page-turner.
  • I had no desire to skip or skim while reading.
  • This book is an interesting mix of charming, fun, magic sprinkled with gritty action.
  • The Pop Culture References fit the feel of this book and set a fun tone that teens and adults will enjoy.

keeper 2

You Should Read This Book if :

  • If you have ever found yourself fangirling over any magic or supernatural themed book, show or movie. The pop culture references will delight you.
  • If you enjoy a quick read with delightfully quirky characters.
  • If you love magic and witchy reads.
  • If you are a Kim Chance fan. This book is completely what I would expect from her – just from watching her YouTube channel. Her personality and style shine in Keeper.
  • If you enjoy memorable lines. Holy Shitkittens. (Just read it. Then you will forever have that line in your head.)

*I did receive a copy of the advanced reader copy of Keeper from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

That said, if you read my blog or watch my videos, you know that my reviews tagged Book Love are reserved for books I love or books that have many elements that I love. This book falls into my Book Love category perfectly. And, Yes I will be fangirling over it and talking about it a lot in the upcoming months. Read it and fangirl with me. It will be a blast.


Want to know more about Kim? Check out her Youtube videos and website. She also hosts a monthly twitter event called Chance to Connect that helps writers connect with each other.

Kim’s Website

Kim’s YouTube Channel



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