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NaNoWriMo 2017 Bullet Journal

I am trying something new this year for National Novel Writing Month. I am using a Bullet Journal to keep track of my writing progress in November, assist with the brainstorming and planning process, and keep the basic detail of my new novel contained in one place.  Today’s post and corresponding video is all about my Bullet Journal

Watch the full flip though of my NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal


I wanted a larger journal than my traveler’s notebook. I also wanted a thin soft cover journal so that it will fit in the pocket of the three-ring binder that has my novel worksheets and the Preptober Workbook by Natalia Leigh. (Find out more about the Workbook here)

I opted for this dot grid composition planner by Webster’s Pages that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.   The paper quality is good but the gray dot grid is much darker than I would like. Overall, it is working well.


I decided to keep the journal simple. I only used a few planner stickers, washi tape, a black pen, and my zebra mid liners. I tend to go overboard with color and stickers so I wanted to leave plenty of room for writing. I am sure that after it is filled out it will be a colorful scribbly mess. I will do another video and post when the journal is complete.


I hate math and it doesn’t like me much but I do like to have a breakdown of how many words, scenes, and chapters my novel will have. For NanoWriMo I like to divide my 50,000 into approximately how many words will be in each scene and chapter. This helps me know how many words, chapters, and scenes I need to write each day to stay on track. Honestly, it is just a general guideline that makes me feel like I  have a plan and am in control.


My daily word count tracker is simple and no frills. It has a place for my daily word goal, my actual daily word count and a running total of words. This will be helpful if I forget to record my word count for a few days on the NaNoWriMo website. As always my tracker is crooked but I am learning to be okay with that.


The next page I wanted to share is my reward page. I have found that rewarding myself daily with small tangible rewards is motivating and it helps me meet my goals while doing things I enjoy without feeling guilty. I do plan to have a nice big reward for finishing and a consolation prize if I don’t finish.  Some of my small daily rewards will be doing a page in my art journal, a sugar-free chocolate, buying a new art supply, reading a chapter of a book, or buying a new book or magazine.


Another page in my journal is my outline at a glance. This gives you peek into how I structure my novels. I break my book into 4 acts and 9 blocks. Each block is three chapters.

IMG_2417I also included lots of notes pages with my signature loopy outline. This page is for any lines or sensory details that I might want to include in my novel. Sometimes these details will pop up in my mind and I wanted a place to jot them down so I won’t forget them. I also left plenty of blank pages in the journal so that I can use them for whatever I need in November.

Don’t forget to check out the video to see a full flip though of my bullet journal. I would love to your bullet journal if you have one!





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2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 Bullet Journal

  1. Wow, this looks awesome. I’ve heard many writers rave about using journals to organize information for their novels and assist with keeping up a writing schedule but I haven’t looked too much into it (this is really the first time I’ve seen the inside of one). This looks so helpful. I’m thinking maybe I should pull one together before NaNoWriMo. I feel so out of it / unprepared for NaNoWriMo right now. I need to get organized! I need to get a good writing schedule (for November and beyond). Good luck to you!

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