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Let’s Talk About Coffee

farmto table

That’s right! Today’s post is about coffee but not just any coffee. A coffee that I fell in love with after only one sample. Why? I am so glad you asked.  This coffee curbed my appetite and reduced my food cravings right away.

Fast forward 13 days later. I am still loving it. Not only am I eating less without feeling deprived but I have lost 4 lbs. My mood is better and the nice energy boost has helped me cut back on my Coke Zero habit.


Let's talk about
Click the Link below to watch my morning coffee demo video


Watch my Early Morning Coffee Video

I was super skeptical about trying this coffee. If I had not been offered a sample by a trusted friend, I might not have tried it. One sample and a day later and I was ordering my own tub of coffee. Why? Well because it worked for me.

Get Coffee & Samples Here


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Now I am excited to say that I am officially a Brand Influencer for Revital U Brew coffee. I decided to sell this coffee, not because I wanted to sell stuff and make money (although that is a nice bonus) but because I truly want to get this coffee in the hands of others so that they can experience the same benefits. So If am going to be talking about it and sharing my honest story I might as well make it easy for you to get it into your cup.

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Now, Let’s talk about the taste. This is an instant coffee. A very good instant coffee but it does have the instant coffee taste. Personally, I like the taste because I am one of those coffee drinkers who smother’s their coffee with sweeteners, creamers, milk, and sometimes coconut oils.

At first, I was adding it to my regular coffee. That was a lot of caffeine.  Not that that bothers me. I have also tried it in hot chocolate which masked the coffee taste completely. Some people put it in their orange juice, which quite frankly sounds disgusting, but there are a lot of ways to enjoy the benefits of this smart coffee if you want the benefit without the taste.  My friend Ladonna puts hers into gel capsules and takes it like a vitamin.

cup of new u

So, I am not going to go into all the ingredients and benefits of this coffee in this post but you can check out this link to get the details. I am a weirdo.  I did research each ingredient and was already familiar with some of them and it calmed any misgivings I might have.

This smart coffee ACTUALLY working for me and with me.  Unlike some weight management diets and supplements, I have tried it is easy and affordable enough that I can stick with it for the long haul.

revial u coffee

I won’t bombard you with posts about it but I will be continuing to share my story. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or want samples. You can order 3 free samples HERE The shipping cost is only $4.87.




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