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Happy Thanksgiving! Plus Nanowrimo Progress & Life Updates

November is almost over. Can you believe it? It has been a whirlwind of a month for me and you may have noticed I have not posted as many blogs or videos this month. So I felt like I should give you the details and make my excuses. I am the type of person who feels guilty about everything, so when I don’t stick to my schedule I feel bad.


However, I am really trying to practice grace toward myself and not beat myself up over perceived failures. I think that it is important to do what you say and be accountable but I also know that sometimes life gets in the way of things and you just gotta go with the flow.

I ended up working my “other” job this month. This means I drive 7 hours one way and stay with my family in Oklahoma for two weeks. All while trying to work crazy hours, write a 50,000-word novel and spend time with all of my friends and family in Oklahoma. I love my massage career but it is rough on my body. I love staying with my mom but the air mattress is not my friends.

I actually started out doing a great job keeping up with Nanowrimo the first week. I was way ahead. Then, the toll of the drive, work, and crazy hours hit me. I decided not to force myself to write or make videos while I was out of town. I also decided not to feel back about it.

Now I am back home and trying to catch up on my writing and videos and get ready for Thanksgiving. I am very behind on my word count but I am not in panic mode yet.

2017-08-07 10.47.42

I have also taken on a new venture. I am now a brand influencer for Revital U Brew. I fell in love with the product and wanted to tell everyone about it. So, I signed up to sell it. I promise I won’t bombard you with it. I know how annoying those posts can get.  I promise to be completely honest about the product and my experience.

Putting another “job” on my plate was not something I did not do lightly. There are a ton of great products I have thought about selling but I know how time-consuming MLM ventures can be. I hade done lots of them. I have failed at them. I have succeeded at them.  I have sold them just to get a personal discount. I made the choice NOT to get into any more of them because I wanted to focus my extra time on writing, reading, massage, and art.


The things that sold me on this venture are simple, The product works for me. It works for my friends. I want other people to have the results I am having. It is inexpensive. It is one product. I am excited about it because I love the product.

Let’s Talk About Coffee

Can Coffee help you lose weight? Yes Plus

In other news, we finally have an appointment to look at a lot of lands where our new house will be built if we like the location. We have been on the waiting list for this housing addition and builder for over 6 months. If all goes well, we will be moving into our new home in April.

The last thing I wanted to share is that I will be making some changes to my video schedule. I am currently posting videos on Monday and Friday. During the Holiday season, I will only be promising you one video a week. It will be posted on Saturday’s and will be writing related. However, I will be bringing you bonus videos about my new coffee business, my art and bullet journal flip through and book reviews.

I also plan to have new designs up in my society6 store soon.


Happy Thanksgiving





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