Secret Project Reveal

I have a secret… project that is. I have been working on it for several months and I am ready to spill the beans. But before we get into that I wanted to update you on my YouTube channel.

WritersLife Vlog

Watch My Latest Video

I started my channel 9 months ago with no clue what I was doing and I have loved every uncertain moment of it. Now that I have gotten a feel for Youtube and the direction I want to my channel to go I am ready to start making some changes and bringing my subscribers the best possible writing related content. Here is what you can expect starting in January.

YouTube What’s New & Updated

  • I will be adding a Day In The Life Of Vlogs. I will take you along with me and you can experience a slice of my writer’s life. I will be rolling any unboxings and life and writing updates into these Vlogs.
  • I will be posting writing related videos on Thursdays. You can expect writing how to’s, advice, Author interviews, Writers toolkit segments, and writing related tags on Thursdays.
  • Bonus videos will be posted on Monday’s. These will include my Book Love reviews, bullet journal, art journal flip-throughs, Indie Author Spotlight, Videos relating to my coffee business as well as personal, inspirational, and creative content videos. Expect them often but not every week. One reason for this is because I have started transcribing my Thursday Videos and this extra step is time-consuming. The other reason is that I am working to give you the best writing-related content I can instead of bringing you two videos every single week.


Writing Videos

Secret Project Reveal

Are you ready? I have been working on a nonfiction book for several months. It will be published in January. If you follow me on social media or get my newsletter you might already know or suspect what this book is. In October I posted my #justcreatechallenge and I rediscovered my passion for writing prompts.

Most writing prompts are geared toward helping writers create new story ideas. I wanted prompts that I could use alongside my current work in progress to generate new plot ideas, strengthen my characters, enhance my settings while improving my writing skills. I just couldn’t find the type of writing prompts I wanted so I started writing my own and it blossomed into my Secret Project.

Open Book Magic

How You Can Help

I am looking for a select group of beta readers to help me polish this book before publication.  In exchange for your help, you will receive an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for your honest feedback to me, a review posted on Amazon and Goodreads. I will ask that you try out a few of the prompts in each chapter. If this sounds like something you want to help with please email or reach out to me here on my blog or on social media.


Weekly Encouragement

I am adding a new segment to my weekly blog posts. I will be talking about real life struggles, how do deal with disappointment, and ending with encouragement. Some of these segments will be there own post and others will be tacked on to the end of other posts, like this some.

File Jun 02, 9 50 20 PM

Struggle = Progress

Very few things in my life have come easily to me. From my difficult childhood to my traumatic teen years, being a single teen mom, and dealing with a lifetime of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress syndrome there were so many days that I never thought I would see a time of contentment and joy in my life.

This has taught me a valuable less. Struggle ultimately leads to progress. The key is to keep push through the hard stuff and doing the best you can with what you have and where you are in life. My encouragement tip for you today is to look back at prior difficulties and see how they made you stronger. Finding the good that came from the bad is a powerful tool that will help you when you face struggles again.


Untitled design (6).png
Check out all my bookish designs in my society6 store. Just go to and search for author april.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. bestmermaid says:

    Omg, yesss!!! A book with writing prompts, I love the idea. #JustCreateChallenge was so much fun (and challenging but in a good way). I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for the actual book. I’d love to be a beta reader for it if you’re still looking for people 🙂


    1. April Taylor says:

      Yes! I will message you about beta reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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