AuthorTube Christmas Tag 2017

It’s time – For my AuthorTube Christmas tag! This tag created and updated for 2017 by the lovely Jessie Elliot in collaboration with Emily Bourne and Mandi Lynn who tagged me. I will post Links to their videos in the video description box! Go watch!

Watch the Video Here

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For this Tag, I will be using the characters from my upcoming novel, Everside, the first book of my Everspirits Trilogy. So let me tell you just a bit about it.

An accident leaves 17-year-old Davina is a coma, stuck between the world of the living and the Every spirit realm.  Davina is desperate to be healed and return to her life before she loses everything she has worked for. She discovers that she is able to separate her spirit from her body and has the ability to absorb energy from auras. When she recruited by a powerful group of  Everspirits who are convinced that she has the power to save the spirit and human world from dangerous forces she agrees, but only if they agree to heal her human body and allow her to return to her earth-life.

What she doesn’t bargain for is the complications of her past bleeding into her ability to complete the task or the unsettling feeling and friendships she develops with the spirits she is trying to defeat.

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What would your main character’s favorite Christmas song be?

Davina pretends not to love Christmas music but she has a soft spot for the songs from her childhood. Her favorite would be Santa Clause Is Coming to Town, because her mom would belt it out every Christmas Eve when tucking Davina and Lark into bed.

Out of all of your characters, who would be the best gift giver?

That would be Davina’s sister Lark, although she can be self-centered at times, she goes all out at Christmas and gives gifts that people love. Davina is more practical and gives gifts she thinks people needs, like gloves, dictionaries, and socks.

What would be your MC’s favorite part of the holidays?

Holidays are hard for Davina. She misses her mom and the life she had before her mom died but her favorite part is recreating the same traditions and feelings that she had as a young child. She loves decorating their sad little tree with the ornaments that are tied to memories from the past.

Your MC and his/her love interest step under a mistletoe, what happens?

Davina would act like it wasn’t a big deal while dying of embarrassment because she really wants Gavin to kiss her but doesn’t want to admit it. Gavin would make a grand show of kissing her.

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What happens? Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’s on the naughty list?

Halle is on the naughty list! Not because she is mean-spirited but she loves to tease people and makes decisions that land her in some sticky situations.

How would your MC decorate their home? Tree? Lights? Giant blow-up Santa?

Other than decorating the tree Davina doesn’t have much time to decorate. Between school, her part times jobs, making sure Lark stays out of trouble and dealing with her Dad, Davina just can’t fit in more than decorating the tree. She would love to have outdoor lights. She is against blow-up decorations and she and Lark have argued other that many times.

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Which character holds a New Year’s party?

Halle and Tao would work together to throw an epic party.

What would be your MC’s resolution?

Davina’s resolution would be to stop expecting her Dad to be someone he is not and letting go of the anger she has towards him.

Does your MC have a Christmas tradition?

Decorating the tree with family ornaments and then drinking hot cocoa with Lark while they argue over what Christmas movie to watch.

Who would be the number one person your MC would want to spend the holidays with?

Her mom if she was still alive.

What is your MC’s perfect holiday destination?

Davina would love to be able to go back in time and relive the last Christmas she had with her mom.

Which character is ruining the holiday photos with funny faces?

Gavin and Tao would be in on this together.

That’s it for the tag! I hope you enjoyed getting know Davina. I am tagging Holly Davis, Dianna Gunn, Ashley Mcleo and you to do this tag. Don’t forget to tag me in your video so I can watch.


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