Happy New Year! Let’s chat about the strange green lights in the trees.

 Unexplained Green Lights In Trees?

What a strange title for a blog post. Not what I had planned for my first post of the new year. I intended to start the year off doing what I love, writing something encouraging and sharing it with the world. Instead, I am I’m distracted by the strange phenomenon happening outside my window tonight.  I have to share it with you even though you may think I am nuts.


This is so freaking strange. It’s okay if you don’t believe me. I  would not have believed it without seeing it with my own eyes. I even second guessed myself after seeing it. I am visiting my mom in Oklahoma. The weather is below freezing and it snowed a bit last night.

I awoke at 5 in the morning to my mom telling me it snowed. I wasn’t impressed because I don’t like cold weather or being out in the snow or early mornings.  I went to back to sleep. Then a few minutes later she woke me again, urging me to get up and look at the strange green lights in the trees outside the window.

I thought she was losing her mind and got up to find a logical source for the lights so that I could either go back to sleep or consume mass amounts of coffee.


At first, we thought the lights were a reflection of her Christmas lights, someone’s  projection Christmas lights, or a reflection of light coming something in the house. We turned off all indoor and outdoor light. The strange glowing lights were still there. Flashing, floating, and existing where they should not. The lights were only on two trees in the yard. One tree in the front yard and the other in the side yard.

It was dark outside. No streetlights near us. No lights coming from any neighbors house. Absolutely nothing that could be projecting light that high into the tall trees.

The lights seemed to flash neon green, like a glow stick, and move from the tops of the trees to the lower branches and trunk. I did what I always do when I need information. I consulted my best friend, Google. I  found that other’s have seen this in different places around the world and in most cases it is some sort of glowing fungus is know as FoxFire. In other parts of the world, it can come from glowing beetles, worms, or even roaches.As if roaches are not gross enough, can you imagine one that glows? Gross and no, thank-you.

I also discovered that scientists are working toward creating bioluminescent trees that can replace streetlamps, although, they have managed to create a small plant that glows for 45 minutes. Which is both impressive and disappointing.


My goal in cold weather is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. It is not to be outside examining trees. Yet, I did. Twice. In the daylight, the only thing I noticed was that some parts of the bark appeared darker than others. I didn’t see any mushrooms or strange bugs. The trees are really tall, so I was only able to look at the trunk. Most of the lights came from higher up so that inspection did little to clear things up.

As soon as it got dark tonight we checked for the lights and they were back again. I went outside and tried to get a photo or video of them.  I wasn’t able to capture them on either.  I moved closer to the tree and could see the lights above me. I tried to touch them (because I am nuts!) but they were all too high.  I saw no signs of night insects. The lights seemed to be moving downward but never touching the ground or moving off of the tree.

So what are they? Fungus? Foxfire? Glowing Beatles? Aliens? Fairies? Energy?  I don’t know but science leans toward fungus is the likely cause. Of course, science has been wrong before.


No matter what it is, I am amazed, intrigued and after much googling more confused than ever.

I have decided to focus on what I do know.

  • We have an amazing creator who has formed a world of things that are beautiful, unique, and beyond my understanding.
  • The lights are beautiful because no matter what they are they are real.
  • Seeing them reminds me that this world is bigger than me. It is easy to get comfortable with what I think I know and forget to look for the unexpected things.
  • I don’t have to understand everything about something to know it is real and enjoy the splendor of it.
  • I will take this experience and use it in my creative life. There are a plethora of ideas that can come from seeing something that is hard to believe and I can’t wait to unbox them.
  • Sharing unbelievable or misunderstood things is scary, but if you don’t share your risk not connecting with others experiencing something similar.

So there you have it. My New Year’s blog post. It is one heck of a way to start out, being forced to admit you see something you can’t explain. It is overwhelming to find beauty in the unknown and a bit scary to write about it. That brings me back to my New Year’s Resolutions.

My theme word for 2018 is three words and none of them were my first choice. I wanted something pretty and inspiring like Flourish or Bloom.

Not three hard words that will push me beyond my comfort zone.

Regal. Raw. Real. 

That fear of rejection has kept me from being raw and real. Not seeing my true worth as kept me from embracing that I am Regal. But, not anymore.

Have you experienced anything like this? Please, tell me about it.  I know from my best friend, Google, that I am not the only one but I still want to connect with you if you have experienced something unexplained.


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