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Tips & Tricks For Staying Focused On Your Goals In 2018

Are you ready to rock your goals in 2018? If so, it is a great idea to be prepared for those days when you get distracted, burnt out, or start to lose interest in your goals. I am going to share some tips and tricks that will help you stay focused on your goals in 2018.

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Write Down Your Why

There is power in writing down your goals, but don’t stop there. Write down all the reasons that your goals matter to you. This is no time to shy away from honestly because knowing why you want your goal is just as important as setting it.

Later in your year, or next week if you are like me, you might find yourself unsure of your goals or frustrated with your progress. That is when referring back to those written reasons for your goal will be the push you need to get you motivated and back on track.

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Post Your Goal… Everywhere

One of the reasons many people fail to achieve a goal is because they lose sight of it. We live in a world of distractions that fosters forgetfulness. Out of sight can truly mean out of mind and out of mind means you are working toward it.

That is exactly why you should post your goal in as many places as possible. Here is a short list of possibilities:

  • On the fridge
  • On your bathroom mirror
  • Dashboard in your car
  • In your planner
  • On your wall calendar
  • Screensaver or wallpaper on your phone and computer
  • On your desk
  • On the wall in a pretty frame
  • In your Art Journal
  • In your daily journal
  • On a bookmark

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Schedule Regular Goal Checkups

Just as health checkups are important for our health goal checkups are a necessary part of being a goal achiever. I like to check in on my goals daily, monthly, and quarterly.  Whatever time frame you choose here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

  • Schedule Goal Checkups as if they are real Dr’s appointments. That means a date and time!
  • Set a reminder or alarm for your scheduled time and write it in your planner.
  • Have your goal list ready. I keep a copy on my phone, in my bullet journal, and on Trello.
  • Track and Evaluate each goal. Are you on track? Are you behind? What do you need to adjust
  • Celebrate your progress.

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Partner Up!

Don’t keep those goals a secret. It is way to easy to lose focus if you don’t share them with someone. Find a likeminded accountability partner to share your goals, progress and yes, your failures with.

The important thing is to find the right person and be clear about what you expect. Accountability can really drive you to do more than you would if you were only accountable to yourself.

Where to Find A Partner:

  • Social media
  • Facebook Groups
  • Local writers group (if you are a writer – if not skip that one.)
  • A friend or family member
  • Church

Set Limits

If you want to meet your goals you are going to have to make some hard choices. Sometimes that means setting limits on your time, your money, and other projects. The world loves to tell us that we can do it all, have it all, and then get more. Truthfully, that leaves us tired, broken and defeated.

Not only should you make your goals realistic you should set limits for other things in your life when they start to compete with the time you have set aside for your goals.

Tips & TRICKS (5)


Reward & Celebrate

Even achieving your goal can feel unsatisfying if you don’t take time to celebrate it before pushing on to the next goal. Your life becomes a neverending checklist and you are so caught up in it that you have forgotten how important it is that you achieved the goal.  It is a great idea to have a reward list handy. Include both big, medium, and small rewards so that you can celebrate every success, no matter the size. Here are few ideas to get you started.

  • A trip to the bookstore
  • A relaxing bath
  • New Music
  • An evening out
  • A trip to a local attraction
  • Indulge in chocolate or wine
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Read a book
  • Buy something pretty
  • Drink fancy coffee
  • Go swimming
  • A spa day with friends
  • Get a message
  • Go to the movies
  • Dinner out
  • A new pen or art supply
  • Pretty stationary
  • A whole day to do whatever you want.

There you have it! Some fantastic tips and tricks for staying goal focused. What are your favorite ways to stay focused? What do you struggle with the most?




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