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My Book Cover Reveal & How The Idea For This Book Was Born

Today is the day. I am revealing my cover for my new book, Writing Prompts Decoded: Creative Prompt Ideas To Create Content For Your Fiction Book. Wow. That title is a mouthful isn’t it? I will tell you a bit about why and how I choose that title later in the post. First, I gotta tell you just a bit about this book and how it came to be.

Way back in October of 2017 I created a month-long writing and art prompt challenge on social media. I had a blast creating the prompts. It was also amazing to witness artists and writers using the prompts, enjoying them, and being creative.

To boil it down, I discovered 2 things. I love creating writing prompts. I love helping other people be creative. I found a problem. Because, when things are going great that is what I do. Find problems.

I was in the middle of editing my fantasy novel, Everside, for the millionth time and also in the planning stages of another fiction book. I wanted prompts that I could use while writing and planning my books. I had so much going on that I felt spending time doing unrelated prompts was not going to help me get my books finished. I felt guilty that I wasn’t making more progress. I went looking for prompts that I could use alongside my books.

However, most prompts that I found were geared toward writing new stories or coming up with new ideas for new stories.

The last thing I needed was to start a new story.

I began tweaking the prompts I found and creating new ones that I could use alongside my story to make my book, writing, and ideas better while still enjoying the fun of using prompts.

Then I had another thought. How cool would it be to have writing prompts that could actually generate content that would go in my book? I began creating and adding prompts like that to my collection.

In November, you know NANOWRIMO, I was supposed to be completing the first draft of my steampunk story that was born from a writing prompt I found online 2 years ago. “s another example of who I love prompts! I wrote about 30000 when I switched gears and started writing my prompt book. So, no. I didn’t win Nanowrimo; I still haven’t finished my steampunk novel. I also don’t recommend switching from one book to another before you finish one but, hey, this is real life. It happens.

I have kept you in suspense long enough. Here is my book cover.

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Do you like it? I certainly hope so. I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the book and the cover.

Okay, so there was no blood. If there had been blood, I would have passed out, because I am awesome like that. It was a painful but amazing process. I loved creating the prompts and the cover. I even loved the editing process. Most of the time. Formatting the book and creating a paperback cover was a nightmare.

This is not the first book I have written. I have 7 completed novels that I have written in my life. None of them are published. Most of them won’t be because I lost them.  Everside and my steampunk novel will be published at some point.

Did you know I was 11 when I wrote my first chapter book? It was called, Spirit of the Wind. It was about a girl and wild horse. I was 11. Everything was about books, horses, and chocolate back then.

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On Friday, I will have another video and post for you in my Time Management for writers series. If you missed out Check Out The Videos Here.

I do strive to bring you valuable content. I hope you enjoyed this post, viewing my cover, learning about my books, and getting to know me a bit more. My book will be available for preorders this week and will release on Feb 26th.

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