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Step by Step: How To Achieve (Smash) Your Goals In 2018

Dreaming big? So big that your dreams or goals are overwhelming you? Not sure where to start? I am going to teach you how to smash your goals… into manageable pieces so that you can start making progress today.

Watch the video here! As always, content varies from blog post to video so you get the same basic idea with a different spin in each format!


First, let me fill you in on a little secret. I haven’t always been good at achieving my goals. I have had a lot of failures, flops, and frustrations. What changed?  I stopped looking at goals as set in stone and as something to tackle once a year. I started breaking them down on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.


Dreaming big? Awesome. Now lets make it happen! 


I discovered that when I make small amounts of consistent practice I achieve my goals without getting sidetracked, losing interest, or doing things that don’t actually lead to progress on the goal.

I am going to walk you through the process of breaking down your goal step by step. We will pretend your goal is to write a book but you can apply this method to any goal.



achieve, (1)
Does your goal have what it takes to be attainable? 


Step One:  Write down the goal.

Your goal needs to be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Have a deadline for completion

Ex. I will write a 50,000-word book in 4 months and finish it on _________________.


achieve, (2)
You need to fully understand why your goal matters to you to achieve it. 


Did you know that just by writing your goal down you have already set yourself up for success? Most people don’t take the time to do this step.

Step Two:  Figure out your WHY.

Don’t skip this step. Figuring out why this is important to you will not only keep you focused but it will give you something to look back on when you start to lose interest or the goal seems difficult.  Be honest about your why and don’t feel guilty about it or think that you need to justify it to anyone. This is personal and important

EX:  I want to be a published author. This book has a message that someone needs.  I want to tell a story that people can get lost in. I want to make X amount of money. I need to get this story out of my head.

Did you watch the video? No? Click here


Step By Step
Watch my video for EVEN more goal smashing goodness! 



Step 3:  Braindump what you know

Write everything down that you need to do get this book written or goal achieved.  Start simple but keep going until you have emptied your brain of knowledge. What do you need to learn? Add those topics to your list.

achieve, (4)
Lists are a great place to start when you are not sure where to start with goal planning 

Step Four:  Make a List

Compile all of the information from your braindump into a logical step by step list of the things that you need to achieve your goal.

achieve, (5)
Dream Big …. but break that dream down into smaller steps

Step Five: Break It Down 

This is the step where the smashing happens. You want to break your goal into pieces using the list you created in Step Five.  Each thing you need to do becomes its own mini goal.  This is will keep you from getting overwhelmed by the length of your list.

Let’s go back to our example goal to see how this might look.

  • GOAL: Write 50,000 words by _________
  • I need to write __________ words every month
  • I need to write _________ Words each week
  • I have ___________ amount of hours each week to write. I need to write _________ amount of words _______________ days a week to finish.
  • You can also break into scenes or chapters if that work better for you.  Now let get even smaller.
  • Say you have 3 hours 3 days a week to write. You know you need to write ______ words each day.
  • You need to write ______ Words per hour.

Before we move to the next step you need to evaluate your plan. Is this reasonable? Can you write this many words per hour? If not, You may need to change the date of your goal or find more time to write by elimination other things from your day. If your goal isn’t reasonable you will fall behind and lose focus.


achieve, (6)
Truth: if you are not going to actually schedule the work you will not be consistant. 


Step 6: Schedule It

Doing all the work of 1-5 is important but if you don’t schedule the work you are less likely to get it done. I admit I am the type of person who enjoys winging things. Something it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The only way to make consistent progress toward a goal is to set a time and do it.


achieve, (7)
You can. You will. You are. 


Step 7:  Do It.

Do the work. Do it when scheduled. I recommend finding an accountability partner or group to share your goals with because it is hard to hold yourself accountable.


achieve, (8)
What needs to change? What needs to stay the same?


Step 8:  Evaluate & Adjust

Even with a detailed plan, the reality of life is that it doesn’t always go as planned. There will be interruptions, setbacks, and changes that have the potential to keep you from achieving a goal. The key is to regularly evaluate your goals, deadlines, and action steps. Look at both the successes and the failures, what worked, and what did not. Change your actions steps, your timeline, and your goals as needed.


achieve, (9)
Celebrate the smalls steps and enjoy the process. 


Step 9:  Enjoy & Celebrate

It is always easier for me to see my failures than my successes. That can be detrimental to achieving goals. It is so important to take time to enjoy the process, make note of your successes, big and small and really focus on seeing progress and growth.  Struggle leads to progress and celebrating that progress is deserved.

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Tips & Tricks For Staying Focused On Your Goals In 2018

Are you ready to rock your goals in 2018? If so, it is a great idea to be prepared for those days when you get distracted, burnt out, or start to lose interest in your goals. I am going to share some tips and tricks that will help you stay focused on your goals in 2018.

Tips & TRICKS (2)

Write Down Your Why

There is power in writing down your goals, but don’t stop there. Write down all the reasons that your goals matter to you. This is no time to shy away from honestly because knowing why you want your goal is just as important as setting it.

Later in your year, or next week if you are like me, you might find yourself unsure of your goals or frustrated with your progress. That is when referring back to those written reasons for your goal will be the push you need to get you motivated and back on track.

Tips & TRICKS (3)

Post Your Goal… Everywhere

One of the reasons many people fail to achieve a goal is because they lose sight of it. We live in a world of distractions that fosters forgetfulness. Out of sight can truly mean out of mind and out of mind means you are working toward it.

That is exactly why you should post your goal in as many places as possible. Here is a short list of possibilities:

  • On the fridge
  • On your bathroom mirror
  • Dashboard in your car
  • In your planner
  • On your wall calendar
  • Screensaver or wallpaper on your phone and computer
  • On your desk
  • On the wall in a pretty frame
  • In your Art Journal
  • In your daily journal
  • On a bookmark

Tips & TRICKS (4)

Schedule Regular Goal Checkups

Just as health checkups are important for our health goal checkups are a necessary part of being a goal achiever. I like to check in on my goals daily, monthly, and quarterly.  Whatever time frame you choose here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

  • Schedule Goal Checkups as if they are real Dr’s appointments. That means a date and time!
  • Set a reminder or alarm for your scheduled time and write it in your planner.
  • Have your goal list ready. I keep a copy on my phone, in my bullet journal, and on Trello.
  • Track and Evaluate each goal. Are you on track? Are you behind? What do you need to adjust
  • Celebrate your progress.

Tips & TRICKS (5)

Partner Up!

Don’t keep those goals a secret. It is way to easy to lose focus if you don’t share them with someone. Find a likeminded accountability partner to share your goals, progress and yes, your failures with.

The important thing is to find the right person and be clear about what you expect. Accountability can really drive you to do more than you would if you were only accountable to yourself.

Where to Find A Partner:

  • Social media
  • Facebook Groups
  • Local writers group (if you are a writer – if not skip that one.)
  • A friend or family member
  • Church

Set Limits

If you want to meet your goals you are going to have to make some hard choices. Sometimes that means setting limits on your time, your money, and other projects. The world loves to tell us that we can do it all, have it all, and then get more. Truthfully, that leaves us tired, broken and defeated.

Not only should you make your goals realistic you should set limits for other things in your life when they start to compete with the time you have set aside for your goals.

Tips & TRICKS (5)


Reward & Celebrate

Even achieving your goal can feel unsatisfying if you don’t take time to celebrate it before pushing on to the next goal. Your life becomes a neverending checklist and you are so caught up in it that you have forgotten how important it is that you achieved the goal.  It is a great idea to have a reward list handy. Include both big, medium, and small rewards so that you can celebrate every success, no matter the size. Here are few ideas to get you started.

  • A trip to the bookstore
  • A relaxing bath
  • New Music
  • An evening out
  • A trip to a local attraction
  • Indulge in chocolate or wine
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Read a book
  • Buy something pretty
  • Drink fancy coffee
  • Go swimming
  • A spa day with friends
  • Get a message
  • Go to the movies
  • Dinner out
  • A new pen or art supply
  • Pretty stationary
  • A whole day to do whatever you want.

There you have it! Some fantastic tips and tricks for staying goal focused. What are your favorite ways to stay focused? What do you struggle with the most?


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How to Make New Years Resolutions that you can stick to in 2018

Let’s be honest. We are in the 2nd week of 2018. How many of us have already failed or forgotten about our New Years Resolutions? How many of us are still trying to figure those out?
I know that I have fallen into both roles many times in the past. This year, I am still in the process of planning my resolutions because I want resolutions I can stick to. I want resolutions that are more than something I think about in January.  I am going to walk you through a process of making resolutions you can stick to.
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Words are important.
So, let’s start by defining what a resolution is and what it is not.  A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something. Doesn’t that make the whole New Years Resolution thing sound easy? All you need to do is make a firm decision to do or not to do something.  The bad news is that a resolution without a plan will probably fail.  Only 8% of people achieve their resolutions and 80% fail by February.
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I witnessed this happen year after year when I worked at a fitness center.  In January the gym was flooded with new members. By March the gym was back to normal, with only a few of the new faces sticking around. Don’t give up yet you can be the new face that sticks around. You can be in that 8%.  Put my Four P’s of Resolutions to work for you.
P= Plan
Resolution to Goal  
The first step to making a realistically achievable resolution is to take your resolution from that firm decision to a goal.  A decision no matter how firm, means nothing if you don’t do something about it.  A goal has a deadline. A goal is a decision with an end date. The top New Year’s resolution that people make is to lose weight. So, let’s practice with that example.
Resolution: I am going to lose weight.
Goal: I am going to lose weight by December 31 of this year.
Add heading (46)

P= Plan

Goal to Great Goal:

A great goal is big, achievable, specific and written down.  Simply by writing your goal down, you have a greater chance of achieving it. Making it specific will make it achievable. Once you know
Goal: I am going to lose weight by December 31 of this year.
Great Goal: I am going to lose 50 lbs, and keep it off by December 31st of this year.
Add heading (47)
Great Goal to Realistic Plan of Action
If you have gotten this far with your resolution you are ahead of the pack. If you want to increase your chances of achieving your goals you need to take things one step further and create an Action Plan.  One way to do this is to brainstorm all of the ways you can achieve the goal. Once you have all your options on paper you can begin selecting the best options for you and build a plan.
Action Plan for losing 50 lbs by Dec 31
(This is just an example of what I might include if this was my goal, not a suggestion that this is how you can lose weight)
* Track food intake daily
*Break down how many lbs you need to lose each month to achieve your goal
* Get a personal trainer or create a workout and nutrition plan
* Work out X number of days per week
*Replace 1 meal with a healthier option each week
*Find a support group, a workout buddy or accountability partner and set up daily, weekly, & Monthly check in’s.
* Pray Daily for Strength
* Make a list of nonfood rewards
* Add deadlines to all possible action steps and put them on your calendar.
Add heading (48)

P= Partner Up

Action Plan to Partner Up

Once you have an action plan there is another important step that many are apt to skip. Find an accountability partner to share your goals with. This works because it is harder to give up when you know someone knows what you are doing and will be checking in with you. You can also join communities and groups of like-minded people online or in person.

Knowing you are not alone in your quest will equip you to succeed and a community can provide a wealth of encouragement and knowledge.  Which brings me to my own personal method of making my resolutions.

Add heading (49).png


P = Pray

Can you skip this step? When I make my own resolutions and goals I may fail or succeed.  When I am relying only on my wisdom, wants, and strengths it is always harder and more overwhelming to reach my goals. That is where prayer can be a game changer.

Going to God and asking for his wisdom and guidance before making a firm decision to do something or not to do something always gives me peace, clarity, and a focus that I can’t get on my own.

I encourage you to take this step. If you have already set goals for the year it isn’t too late. It is never too late to go to God and ask for his guidance. It might just stop you from wasting valuable time on something you were never supposed to tackle. It might just give you the clarity that you are on the right track. It might reveal another goal altogether. When I invite God along, follow his leading, and rely on him I am set free from relying on myself.

My Story

This happened to me this year. I decided to choose a focus word, theme word, or soul word to base 2018 around. I love words and It sounded like a neat way to keep focus. I dug through a list of suggested words and picked one that I liked.

Then in a later prayer, God gave me a different word. With the word came a promise, clarity and focus that I did not have the word I picked on my own. I will be sharing my F Soul Word for 2018 and why you might need one too in an upcoming post.

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P= Put Your Goals In Front of You

The last P is to put those goals somewhere you will see them every single day. You want as many visual reminders of your goals and dreams as you can make. It is easy to loose focus if your goals are shoved in a notebook in the back of your desk. Here are a few ways you can keep your goals front and center. Tell me how you do this! I would love to know.

  • Create a vision board
  • Create a graphic with words and use it as your screen saver on your phone and computers
  • Pick an object that relates to your goal and keeps it around you. If your goal is to lose weight you might pick out a goal outfit and keep photos of it on your desk, phone, or even in your car.
  • Write your goal on every page of your wall calendar
  • Post it’s on your bathroom mirror, tv, or radio in your car.
  • Write it down every single day.



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New Video: Update on my Goals

Add heading (4)NEW VIDEO: Goals, Progress,& Books I Read


I finished the 3rd draft of my novel and shipped it off to the editor. Okay, so I actually emailed it, but “shipped” has more impact. That was my big goal for the summer and I finished it.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Trying not to get too comfortable with that feeling because I am sure that it will return when my manuscript is returned.



One of the other goals that I completed in the month of August was to read 7 books. I didn’t think it was going to happen because of my heavy writing schedule.  I went on a rambling tangent at the end of the video and listed all of the books that read.


I did meet most of my July and August Goals. I made progress on the goals I did not complete, so I count that as a win.


My new bi-monthly goals for Septemeber and October

  1. Apply Edits and Complete 4th draft
  2. Newsletter
  3. Plan for 2nd Book & prep for Nanowrimo
  4. Post 14 Videos on YouTube
  5. Make Connections on Social Media
  6. Post 14-18 Blog Posts

Personal/Productivity Goals

  1. Work out 2X week – Track Steps 7x
  2. Eat Healthier 5x
  3. Bullet Journal daily
  4. Daily Dash (morning routine + productivity)
  5. Read bible daily 5X
  6. Create Daily
  7. Daily Tangible  Rewards
  8. Read 16 Books
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Quarterly Writing Goals

Can you believe it is already May? I wanted to take a quick moment to share my writing goals for the upcoming months. I have a lot to accomplish. Including a big goal. Can you guess?

Want to watch my  Quarterly Goals Video ?  Includes a sneak peek of the next item that will be featured in Friday’s Writer’s Took Kit Video.     Click here for the Video


Of course, my biggest goal for the next 3 months is getting my novel ready to submit to my editor for a developmental edit. I also want to continue with my marketing plan and some of that is reflected in writing goals.  I tried not to go goal crazy this quarter because writing, editing and revision my work in progress is a huge task.


Whew! I am exhausted just looking at the list. I know that there is a lot of work that must be done to complete these tasks in three short months. I am ready to get to and make it happen.

What are your goals? Do you do quarterly, monthly or yearly goals? I do  a combination of all three and then break them down to weekly and daily goals. It really helps to keep me on task.