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How A Theme Word Can Help You Crush Your Goals In 2018! *Bonus* List of Theme Words

Have you heard about choosing a theme word for your year? Wondering what the heck a theme word is if you need one and why? This is the post for you. So, let’s get right to it and dig into this mysterious idea of a theme word.

What is a theme word?

It is a word that you choose with the intention of focusing on what that word means to you in the upcoming year. I have also heard them referred to as focus, guiding or soul words.


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Bonus: List of possible theme words to get you started. Keep reading for the full list. 


Do I need one & why?

Obviously, Theme words are optional. Not everyone is into them and that is okay.  However, there are benefits to choosing a theme word. Having a theme for anything helps you to narrow in and focus on what needs to be done.

A theme word can be beneficial to your goal setting process.  It can also help you to make choices throughout the year. For example, if your theme word is balance, you probably chose it because things are out of balance for you and you want to make balance a part of your life.  As you set your goal for the year you can hone in on what balance looks like to you and make your goals and choices revolve around creating balance in all areas of your life. If you receive a job offer, opportunity or idea later in the year you can evaluate it based on your theme word and make the best choice for you and your goal of balance.

One thing to keep in mind about these words is that they can change before the year is up and you can choose a theme word at any time. Check out my personal story of how my theme word changed for 2018 in my  Video About Theme Words


THEME Wordfor2018
Don’t forget to watch the video! It has more reasons you need a theme word plus my personal story of how my theme word changed fo in 2018. 


It is okay to readjust as the year goes along and pick a new word if the old one is no longer relevant to you.

Because when it comes right down to it, a theme word is all about you, what you want for your life and what is important to you. Just taking time to figure that out and selecting a focus word can give you so much clarity.

If a theme word sounds like something you are interested in you can dive into the list of possible words below and see if any of them fit you in 2018. If you have already chosen your theme word, tell me about it!


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Do you need focus? Clarity? A theme word can help with that! 


How do I choose a theme word?

Don’t make it too complicated.  Start by thinking about what is important to you right now. What do you want more of or less of in the coming year? Sit down and spend some time praying or reflecting on the things that matter to you, your goals, and what you want from your life.

Grab a sheet of paper and jot down all of the things that are important to you this year. List what you want to happen this year. Write out how you want to feel.  What does your ideal day look like?.

After you have dumped all of your thoughts on paper it is time to look for a common theme in the words you wrote.  Putting it down on paper is a great way to see the possible connections between the things that you want.

two (1)


List Of Possible Theme Words For 2018

Here is a list of theme words to get you started!

  • Abundance, Align, Art, Able
  • Balance, Better, Beauty, Believe
  • Clarity, Courage, Consistent, Confidence, Celebrate, Connect, Change
  • Determination, Daring, Discipline, Dreams
  • Evolve, Enlightened, Enough, Expression, Expand, Embrace
  • Free, Focus, Flourish, Faith, Fearless,
  • Grace, Grow, Guiltfree,
  • Holy, Happy, Healthy
  • Influence, Ignite, Intentional,
  • Joy, Jovial
  • Kindness, Knowledge
  • Love, Learning, Logic, Loyal, Listen, Logic, Leadership
  • Money, Magic, Move, Merry, Make it Happen
  • Openness, Opportunity, Optimism,
  • Peace, Patience, Progress, Purpose,
  • Rejoice, Reclaim, Reveal, Revolution,
  • Spirit-led, Soul, Seek, Solitude, Strength, Solutions,
  • Trust, Truth, Try
  • Unique
  • Voice, valor, virtue
  • Winning, Worry Free, Wisdom
  • Zeal

I would love to know what your theme word is! Comment here or follow me on social media and let me know your theme word for 2018.


Fun tip! Keep your theme word front and center. Check out my society6 store for fun products like the embrace the mess mug. Just search for author april on the society6 website. 


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Happy Thanksgiving! Plus Nanowrimo Progress & Life Updates

November is almost over. Can you believe it? It has been a whirlwind of a month for me and you may have noticed I have not posted as many blogs or videos this month. So I felt like I should give you the details and make my excuses. I am the type of person who feels guilty about everything, so when I don’t stick to my schedule I feel bad.


However, I am really trying to practice grace toward myself and not beat myself up over perceived failures. I think that it is important to do what you say and be accountable but I also know that sometimes life gets in the way of things and you just gotta go with the flow.

I ended up working my “other” job this month. This means I drive 7 hours one way and stay with my family in Oklahoma for two weeks. All while trying to work crazy hours, write a 50,000-word novel and spend time with all of my friends and family in Oklahoma. I love my massage career but it is rough on my body. I love staying with my mom but the air mattress is not my friends.

I actually started out doing a great job keeping up with Nanowrimo the first week. I was way ahead. Then, the toll of the drive, work, and crazy hours hit me. I decided not to force myself to write or make videos while I was out of town. I also decided not to feel back about it.

Now I am back home and trying to catch up on my writing and videos and get ready for Thanksgiving. I am very behind on my word count but I am not in panic mode yet.

2017-08-07 10.47.42

I have also taken on a new venture. I am now a brand influencer for Revital U Brew. I fell in love with the product and wanted to tell everyone about it. So, I signed up to sell it. I promise I won’t bombard you with it. I know how annoying those posts can get.  I promise to be completely honest about the product and my experience.

Putting another “job” on my plate was not something I did not do lightly. There are a ton of great products I have thought about selling but I know how time-consuming MLM ventures can be. I hade done lots of them. I have failed at them. I have succeeded at them.  I have sold them just to get a personal discount. I made the choice NOT to get into any more of them because I wanted to focus my extra time on writing, reading, massage, and art.


The things that sold me on this venture are simple, The product works for me. It works for my friends. I want other people to have the results I am having. It is inexpensive. It is one product. I am excited about it because I love the product.

Let’s Talk About Coffee

Can Coffee help you lose weight? Yes Plus

In other news, we finally have an appointment to look at a lot of lands where our new house will be built if we like the location. We have been on the waiting list for this housing addition and builder for over 6 months. If all goes well, we will be moving into our new home in April.

The last thing I wanted to share is that I will be making some changes to my video schedule. I am currently posting videos on Monday and Friday. During the Holiday season, I will only be promising you one video a week. It will be posted on Saturday’s and will be writing related. However, I will be bringing you bonus videos about my new coffee business, my art and bullet journal flip through and book reviews.

I also plan to have new designs up in my society6 store soon.


Happy Thanksgiving



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Week #1: Just Create Challenge Update

The first week of the #justcreatechallenge was a blast to create and participate in. Like any new thing, It had a few hiccups and bumps. I confess that I love to plan. I am good at planning. Does this mean I carefully planned this challenge and took time to put it together before throwing it out to the internet world?

Heck no.

Add heading (16)

At times my impulsive nature takes over and I just dive into things.  Headfirst, with a passion but only the vaguest idea of what I am doing. That is exactly how this idea and challenge came to be. I had an idea that ignited passion in me. I put it into action with a tiny bit of thought and little preplanning.

This is not always the best way to do things but it is a great way to learn as you go.  Here is what I learned the first week of the challenge.

  • I love creating prompts
  • Instagram does not love my prompts & I did not like the way they looked on my photo feed.
  • Twitter chats are fun but need more planning, promotion, and participants to be worth the time.
  • People used my prompts to create and if even one person benefits from one of the prompts then I accomplished what I started.
  • Creating the prompts daily was fun but left me little time to participate in my own challenge.

Overall, I am happy with the challenge. The changes I will be making this week are as follows:

  • On Monday I will post a week’s worth of challenge prompts on my website. I will still tweet and share each daily prompt on Facebook and Twitter.
  • For Instagram, I will share one post linking to the prompts each week and share some of my own writing and art related to those prompts.
  • Twitter Chat.  I am going to give it another go this week. I hope you will join me. This weeks topic will be Creating Characters using Prompts.
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Watch the Video Here

Every day in October I have a challenge for you. A challenge to create something each day. This is a challenge you can do.

The only way to fail is simply not to create anything at all in October and that is actually pretty hard to do.

So, yes it is a daily challenge but if you miss a few days or *gasp* weeks you still win if you have created something or gotten inspired in some way.

To make things fun, easy, and inspiring I will have 2 prompts for you each day. You can do one, both or even select something from the list of alternate prompts I will have on my website.

Watch the Vide0

In addition to the prompts, I encourage you to share your prompt based creations or just your experience trying them out. Use the #justcreatechallenge on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so I can cheer you on.

You can also choose to join in the weekly twitter chat and the Facebook group for more ways to create, share and inspire

Don’t feel you must participate in everything but you are more than welcome to.

I will also have a weekly video on my YouTube channel that will focus on different ways that creativity is important and how to explore different types of creativity.

It is going to be a creative month and I am excited to share it with you.

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Writing Tips, Truths, & Encouragement

Are you a writing a book? Dreaming about it? Just finished your first draft or planning to write 50,000 words during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November?  I want to offer up a bit of my journey, a few tips, some truths and encouragement to you.  Much of this is writing advice I wish I had known when I started. Some of it is writing advice I ignored and wish I had not.

Watch My Writing Advice Video Here (As always, my video and blog content coordinate but they are not identical content. You will want to read and view!”

Writing Advice.png

First, let’s start with celebration.  I want you to celebrate every step of your journey.  Deciding to write a book is a big thing. Celebrate that. Celebrate your first draft. Embrace it for what it is, you telling the story to yourself so that you can shape it into a story for readers.  It will be a mess and that is okay. Writing is a craft. It will require practice, constant learning, and a lot of emotions. Be prepared for that but don’t look at your first draft as a failure. It is your teacher. It is the first step in your book’s journey. Celebrate.


When you finish celebrating your first draft your next question might be the same as mine.  Now what? It is time to revise, self-edit and begin shaping it into something a reader will love.

BUT FIRST… I want you to put it away. That’s right. Put it away for at least two weeks.  Don’t read it. Don’t edit it. Just don’t. I ignored this advice and it was awful. You need to distance yourself from the story. Trust me. If you don’t trust me, you will understand why you should have later. ( I won’t say I told you so, I will send a hug and tissues.)


If you are unsure what to do next, I recommend finding a few good critique partners to take a look at the first draft or your outline. You are not looking for someone to correct your punctuation and grammar you are looking for writers who will provide feedback on your story, plot, characters, and settings.


Outline. Outline. Outline.  I recommend a great outline before you ever write your first draft. I recommend knowing everything you can about your characters and story before you start writing. You may be the writer who has to write the first draft and then dive into an outline. You are only going to find this out by trying different methods. It is never too late to outline.


Research, listen, know your genre, and learn from other writers. Try out new writing and outlining methods. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t toss it ( the advice or the method, not your book)  or tweak things to fit your needs. Don’t stay with a method that is not working for you.  Try something else. As you evolve as a writer, you may want to try the things that didn’t work for you in the past.



Experiencing an emotion doesn’t make it true. You may feel HATE your book. You may feel love your book. There is a good chance your emotions will swing between the two and give you motion sickness.  That is normal.  But, feelings don’t always point to truth. The important thing is to remember that feelings shift. The truth is that you will have strengths and weakness in writing. Find out both. Embrace the good and improve the bad.



Don’t Judge your 1st draft by someone else’s published work. Do you know how many times the story was written, edited and revised before it hit the shelf?  Do you know how many people had their hands on it, shaping it before it was published? If you think you are the only one who will shape your book or should shape your book, I encourage you to reach out to published authors and find out what goes into that book on the shelf.


Don’t give up. You have a dream. A passion. A desire. An idea. You and your story matter. No one can tell it like you. I want to see you make it come true.

Have a blessed and bookish day my writing friend!

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New Video: Update on my Goals

Add heading (4)NEW VIDEO: Goals, Progress,& Books I Read


I finished the 3rd draft of my novel and shipped it off to the editor. Okay, so I actually emailed it, but “shipped” has more impact. That was my big goal for the summer and I finished it.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Trying not to get too comfortable with that feeling because I am sure that it will return when my manuscript is returned.



One of the other goals that I completed in the month of August was to read 7 books. I didn’t think it was going to happen because of my heavy writing schedule.  I went on a rambling tangent at the end of the video and listed all of the books that read.


I did meet most of my July and August Goals. I made progress on the goals I did not complete, so I count that as a win.


My new bi-monthly goals for Septemeber and October

  1. Apply Edits and Complete 4th draft
  2. Newsletter
  3. Plan for 2nd Book & prep for Nanowrimo
  4. Post 14 Videos on YouTube
  5. Make Connections on Social Media
  6. Post 14-18 Blog Posts

Personal/Productivity Goals

  1. Work out 2X week – Track Steps 7x
  2. Eat Healthier 5x
  3. Bullet Journal daily
  4. Daily Dash (morning routine + productivity)
  5. Read bible daily 5X
  6. Create Daily
  7. Daily Tangible  Rewards
  8. Read 16 Books
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Newsflash… New Video Topics

I am super excited to share my new video plans. I am branching out and adding new topics to my youtube channel. The majority of my videos will continue to focus on writing, reading, and encouraging others in their journey but why stop there? I want to bring you videos related to other aspects of my life as well.


I am striving to find a balance between my writing life and personal life. I love writing and this year I choose to start treating it like a job. The downside of this is that I fall into the habit of being in a constant state of work and not taking the time to do other things I love. Ultimately, this leads to burnout and loss of productivity.

Hense, the addition of new videos related to productivity, journaling, cooking, art, craft, and even a few haul videos. As a matter of fact, the first Haul video is here. Check it out!


Follow MeLinks in theDescription box (1)
My latest Dollar Tree Craft Haul


Next week will be a follow-up video to the haul, featuring how I used the product in my haul. Also in the works is a three-part video series on bullet journaling and how I use it for daily productivity and for writing life. If you are not bullet journaling this is the perfect time to start.

I would love to know what type of videos and topics you would like to see covered! I will be posting occasional polls on twitter allowing you to help choose the videos and topics. You can find a follow me on twitter @authoraprillea